Proclaiming a Message

First and foremost, we as participants in Catholic Health Care are called to affirm the dignity and worth of each person we meet– patients, family members, colleagues, physicians, peers, and volunteers. Human dignity is care and respect for each person we encounter. We have a responsibility as stakeholders in this ministry to be the healing presence of Christ to all whom we serve. Our “work” or “ministry” is an expression of our spirituality. How do we do this? We demonstrate our consistent living of the core values of reverence, integrity, compassion, and excellence.

Forming Community

We form community with God by assuring the provision of prayer, celebration, and reflective exercises. This includes the observation of diverse religious seasons and holy days. We form community with the Church by adhering to teachings of the Catholic Church and the Ethical and Religious Directives for Catholic Health Care Services. We form community with one another and those we serve by enhancing relationships that make our workplace and community holy. We invite employees to participate in decision-making and utilize the skills of appreciative inquiry– what you have to say matters to me, to us.

Providing Caring Service

As a Catholic Health System we are called to provide person-centered care. We provide person-centered care that is comprehensive in scope (assessing and responding to body, mind, and spirit needs) tailored to meet an individual’s needs, and this care must be delivered through collaborative partnerships made possible by transparent communication. We are also called to provide solidarity with the poor. We need to promote social justice and the common good through striving to make health care available to all persons, especially the poor and underserved. And we are called to provide stewardship of resources in a manner that sustains and further develops our mission and manifests care for the earth.

Department Personnel
  • Denice Foose – (Roman Catholic) Director of Mission Integration Houston Market
  • Deacon Bill Wilson – (Roman Catholic) Manager of Mission Integration and Spiritual Care BSLMC
  • Sandra Frazier – (United Methodist) Administrative Assistant III BSLMC
  • Vanessa Kirkendoll – (Pentecostal) Senior Administrative  Assistant BSLMC
  • Chaplain Callie Candee – (Presbyterian) Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Michael Goldstein – (Jewish) Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Chad Hawkins – (Alliance of Baptists) Senior Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Tony Leachman – (Roman Catholic) Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Jim Stockton – (Episcopal) Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Ali Candir – (Muslim) Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Sister Maria Eleanor Caisido C V I – (Roman Catholic) Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Chaplain Mang Tiak – (Baptist) Senior Staff Chaplain BSLMC
  • Deacon David Garvis – (Roman Catholic) Clinical Ethicist BSLMC
  • Chaplain Sr. Carmen Sanchez – (Roman Catholic) Manager Mission Integration and Spiritual Care, The Woodlands
  • Chaplain Paul Payway – (Baptist) Staff Chaplain, The Woodlands
  • Chaplain David King – (Pentecostal/Evangelical) Assistant Staff Chaplain The Woodlands
  • Chaplain Scott Lester – (Southern Baptist) Coordinator Mission Integration and Spiritual Care,Sugar Land
  • Chaplain Eugenia Lai – (Roman Catholic) Staff Chaplain, Sugar Land
  • Chaplain Steve Ferguson – (Episcopal) Coordinator Mission Integration and Spiritual Care, The Vintage
  • Chaplain Jeff Schiffmayer – (Episcopal) Staff Chaplain, The Vintage
  • Chaplain Mack Praytor – (Assemblies of God) Interim Staff Chaplain Pasadena
  • Chaplain John White – (Roman Catholic) Coordinator Mission Integration and Spiritual Care Brazosport
  • Rev. Theodore Smith – (United Methodist) CPE Director BSLMC
  • Rev. Sarah Knoll Sweeney – (Episcopal) CPE Supervisor
  • Rev. Deborah Whisnand – (United Church of Christ) CPE Supervisor BSLMC
  • Jay Gilchrist – (Roman Catholic) VP Mission Integration, Memorial System
  • Chaplain Charles Macko – (Roman Catholic) Staff Chaplain, Lufkin
  • Chaplain Edward Thomas – (Christian Methodist Episcopal) Staff Chaplain Lufkin
  • Chaplain Walter Futch – (Baptist) Staff Chaplain Livingston
  • Sister Penny Dunn, OSF – (Roman Catholic) VP Mission Integration St. Joseph System
  • Sister Lois Ann Palkert, OSF – (Roman Catholic) Director Mission Integration, St. Joseph
  • Chaplain Mary Clare Carden – (Roman Catholic) Director Spiritual Care , St. Joseph
  • Msgr. John Malinowski – (Roman Catholic) Priest Chaplain, St. Joseph
  • Chaplain Sister Rita Jane Radecki – (Roman Catholic) Staff Chaplain, St. Joseph
  • Chaplain Dale Suel – (Baptist) Staff Chaplain, St. Joseph
  • Chaplain Michael Gillen – (Assembly of God) Staff Chaplain, St. Joseph
2015 -2016 CPE Residents
  • Chaplain Resident Nathan Fox-Helser – (Baptist)
  • Chaplain Resident Andres Herrera – (Episcopal)
  • Chaplain Resident Simon John – (Indian Pentecostal Church)
  • Chaplain Resident Jeffrey Powell – (African Methodist Episcopal)
  • Chaplain Resident W. Christopher Sims – (Baptist)
  • Chaplain Resident Dianna Tardy – (Baptist)